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As the nation's largest assisted living provider, Emeritus was singled out for a Frontline broadcast. The program was about the assisted living industry and included some isolated incidents that occurred at a few of our communities a number of years ago.

Not even one mistake is acceptable to us, even when we have taken every reasonable precaution to prevent it. When we do make a mistake, we respond quickly and thoroughly, so we can remedy any problems. That's why we were very disappointed by the broadcast, which did nothing to represent the dedication and commitment of our staff to each and every one of our residents. Our 30,000 employees work tirelessly every day to ensure that our residents are not only safe, but are leading full and purposeful lives.

In our 20-year history, serving hundreds of thousands of residents, Frontline chose to focus on these isolated incidents, all of which happened many years ago. They resisted our attempts to connect them with any of the wonderful stories of compassion and nurturing our residents experience every single day or the thousands of family members that are grateful to us for the care and support we provide to their loved ones.

In spite of the picture Frontline tried to portray, we have the best team of caregivers in the industry - who serve our residents with skill and compassion. This is demonstrated by the thousands and thousands of letters, emails, and comments we receive each year from residents and families who are incredibly grateful for the care they receive at our communities, some of which you can read here.


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94% of assisted living residents say they are satisfied with their overall quality of life in their assisted living community.

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93% of assisted living residents say they are satisfied with the level of personal attention paid to them by staff.

Family Voices

Emeritus at Countryside Campus
Easley, South Carolina

"The staff have been the kindest, most caring and attentive people we could ever ask for, not only to my mom, but to her family as well."

- Brenda P., daughter of resident